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Antiques are just around the corner! Mark your calendars! Do some early Christmas shopping! Enjoy a homemade goodie! Support the Hamden Historical Society!

It's that time again! For more information and a coupon go to: http://www.giantvalleyantiquesdealers.org/2.html

For more information call Jim Woronick (Home: 203-288-2677 – home) or (cell: 203-435-7606)

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Miller Library is undergoing renovations. Part of the change is moving the History Room, the contents of which is currently boxed and stored. Re-opening late November 2014. Beth Shutts, the Archivist, can still be reached by email at hhs@hamdenlibrary.org and will try to assist you.  Sorry for the inconvenience!

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updated 10/13/2014