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  1. Mary Jepsen says:

    Looking for photos/information: Graves Mansion, 20 Davis St.

  2. Does anyone know where the oldest house in Hamden is? I recently met the owners of the Hezekiah Warner House, which is 250 years old. The 1976 book “Historic Hamden” lists one that dates back to 1745, the Daniel Bradley home at 4066 Whitney Avenue. Would appreciate any info or at least an educated guess! Thank you.

  3. Louise Dattilo Connors says:

    Who edited Hamden Revisited?? My brother, Anthony Dattilo, submitted a picture directly to Joe Pepe, the archivist at the time, of our Father, Salvatore Dattilo, in Dattilo’s Market in the 1940s. I specifically wrote on the copy of the original the names of my father, uncle and cousin because our name is often misspelled. Who took it upon him/herself to write a caption above the picture that says “Dalillo’s market (not Dattilo’s Market)”?? Who knows our father’s last name better than we do?? I would appreciate a response directly from Al Gorman, the author of the book. This was not merely a typo. Louise Dattilo Connors

  4. Bernice McNeil says:

    I would like to donate a shaker chair, a sickle, a pitch fork and a wire mesh strainer. If you are interested in any of these items please let me know . These were used on my father farm in Hamden. I have previously donated the hand cranked fertilizer spreader on display in the barn. Thanks, Bernice. 203-239-4862

  5. My father,Salvatore Dattilo and his brother, Bob Dattilo owned Dattilo’s Market at 2373 Whitney Ave from sometime in the 30s-late 60s. I am trying to find a picture of the exterior of the market.
    That would be the block between Dixwell Ave and School st on the eastern side, across from the Hamden Fire Dept. Headquarters. I have a picture of them inside the market, but I would like to find a picture of the exterior with the name on it. Thank you for any help you can provide.

  6. Fred says:

    Do you have any info on Horace Bradley house built in 1775 currently at 2200 Shepherd Ave?

    • According to “Historic Hamden,” a small paperback the Historical Society put out in 1976, its original site was on Whitney Ave opposite Shepard. It was moved to Whitney Ave and River Rd in 1900 and re-located to the preset site in 1969. The publication also says it once held a 58-volume library, used by the neighborhood. “Dog Lane Court” also met there: this was a satirized version of court proceedings, for entertainment.

    • Darlene Robinson says:

      2200 Shepard Ave is across the street from me and is owned by Sandra Wheatley which is also part of the Harris family. She would be the one to contact for more history on it.

  7. John says:

    Where can i find the history behind York Hill and pictures of the original lodge.

  8. Michael Scirocco FCollT says:

    Does the Historical Society have membership? Do you accept submission.

    • Good morning –
      (1) there is a downloadable application – click on Menu – Support our Society – Join.
      (2) I’m not sure what you mean my ‘submission’ – it would be best if you contacted the Society – click on the “Contact Us” link for e-mail addresses

      Thanks for commenting!

  9. Kathy Gee says:

    I found a typo (I think) on the page “Library & Archives” with the photos of volunteers. 1st paragraph, 2nd line “…brin Hamden…”
    The site looks wonderful and is easy to navigate.

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