Hamden’s Past: Slide-show

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7 Responses to Hamden’s Past: Slide-show

  1. Ray Shocki says:

    I don’t think Sleeping Giant Jr. High was in existence in “58. Did you mean MJ Whalen Jr High?
    Regardless, a lot of work and time went into this and it really shows. Thanks for the “trip down memory lane”

    Ray Shocki

  2. Betty Corso says:

    so very interesting and fun. think you

  3. Casandra Anton olszta says:

    Thank you for sharing those Maria! What great memories!

  4. Paul Larson says:

    Oyr family belonged to Mt Carmel Congregational Church for many years. I also bowled at Johnson’s bowling alley. My father sanded and repaired their lanes. Very cool Thank you.

  5. Kathy Gee says:

    Do we have the names of the faculty from Sleeping Giant Jr. High?

  6. Mike Devine says:

    Really nice, thank you.

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